The Unfinished Swan

Came across this very interesting “blank” video game. I will have to play it to truly judge it gameness – fun, engaging, and interactive quotient – but as a concept it certainly looks very interesting. I like how it deconstructs the usual elements needed for a video game. It’s very minimal and visually engaging. (via — so many places it’s hard to know — let’s say swissmiss)

Quartet for the End of Time

Perhaps it was said best by the New york times – “more exciting than watching paint dry, but not by a wide margin.”  Very very juvenile, underdeveloped, and boring.  Not somber, cohesive, able to convey a shred of meaning.  Maybe I just didn’t get it. But art is about communicating your ideas, and a lot of the audience was audibly groaning and/or leaving, so they weren’t even in a position to receive anything after sitting in the dark watching blurry photos in a slideshow.

Trajal Harrell
Dance Theater Workshop
October 16 2008