the weird disturbing fascinating and hard to put down Jason –

I’ve only read two so far, but enjoyed both very much. First off the stories are interesting and often have odd twists and even odder details. Second the drawing style just really jives with me. Wikipedia says he’s “influenced by Hergé’s ligne claire” drawing style, so, being a Tintin fan perhaps that is why I like it. The cute anthropomorphic characters really add to it, especially when juxtaposed with some of the morbid and odd situations they are in. All of this wrapped with some pretty sparse dialogue. Perfection? Pretty close.

Isle of 100,000 Graves

A training school for executioners? Pirates? Need I say more? Odd premise, odd but likeable characters, and what do we get? (see post title)

I Killed Adolf Hitler

Aside form the based-on-the-title storyline, which btw involves a time-machine, and a right from the start things don’t go the way you might think twist, this is also a very moving love story, although still very much Jason (see post title). And just so you know, since there are a lot of hitmen around, despite these being cutesy animals, there are a lot of bullets going into animal-people heads. You can see more for yourself and read an excerpt here.

I am very much looking forward to reading more of Jason, there are quite a few titles to choose from, all with tantalizingly peculiar titles:

Hey, Wait…
The Iron Wagon
Tell Me Something
You Can’t Get There From Here
Why Are You Doing This?
Meow, Baby!
The Left Bank Gang
The Living and the Dead
The Last Musketeer
Pocket Full of Rain
Low Moon
Almost Silent
Werewolves of Montpellier
What I Did

Blew My Mind

What’s happening here? A guy is brushing a cat via a remotely controlled robot but, the robot is more of an avatar since it is directly mimicking his movements plus he’s using a bunch of readily available or open source technology like Wiimotes and Kinect. What does all this mean? It = Awesome.