Joseph Beuys – Filz-TV (Felt TV) (1970)

I just love performance documentation. Though often it is nowhere close to experiencing the real thing. In fact, in my mind, the document is the performance’s antithesis. Still, I think this video gives you good wtf sense of the original but perhaps that’s because this document is the performance. According to artforum, “it is the only Beuys action executed specifically for the camera.”

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Black Ceremony – Cai Guo-Qiang

Wow. One of my favorite artists, Cai Guo-Qiang, sure knows his way around controlled explosions. Would love to see this in person. Last time I was anywhere near one of his cloud projects, was when he did clear sky black cloud at the Met in NYC. I love what he is doing with these outdoor “installations” so visceral. But really all of his projects are amazing whether they are inside or out.

Black Ceremony was part of the opening of an exhibit in Qatar

Check out more info here. This is his first exhibition in the middle east, it goes on until may, 2012, its a great excuse to make a trip to Qatar.


Wow. Just wow. So amazing, but my favorite parts are that it has to put itself into object recognizing mode, it takes a while, and that it instantly forgets itself and has to run an recognition algorithm again and only then can say – aha! it’s me.

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Hey guess what happens when Qbo meets another Qbo?