Raised by Wolves (TV)

You know, while watching this I was just waiting for it to jump the shark.  Things kept coming dangerously close to the precipice. While pebbles would fall into the abyss and we stayed relatively on course, I was on board for the ride.  But then in the season finale we jumped the shark with flourish, like an olympic diver. It was almost magnificent if it hadn’t ruined a perfectly good sci-fi show.  I suppose I should reserve final judgement for season 2, but the flying snake really took the cake for me (spoiler alert! sorry…)

Up until then we had a reasonably good sci-fi meditation, with my fave striking visuals and stark palette that make for good film stills. On occasion it even grappled with some interesting scif-fi fodder and had enough oddball reveals to keep you coming back for more.  It was a good ride even if the ending so far, was too much for my liking.

Humble Pi — Matt Parker

We all make math mistakes.  Sometimes people die because of them.  Matt himself tried not to put too many of those examples in this book, instead we get an amusing compendium of errors that illuminates how we are wired to make math mistakes.

Matt is also the owner of an entertaining math themed youtube channel and be sure to check out his live math show if/when he tours again.

p.s. counting pages backwards is a stroke of genius! I kinda wish all books did this from now on.

Westworld (TV)

Since this is a journal of sorts, adding this here for posterity, since Westworld was a show I enjoyed, particularly the first season, season 3 not so much.

As a visual maker and processor this show certainly goes under the visual spectacle tag, with a healthy sprinkling of good sci-fi and excellent storytelling (esp, season 1) for the last part.

p.s. there is almost no media I readily re-watch, re-read, re-do, but this is one show where it is a joy to give it a second viewing once all the spoilers have been revealed, to really marvel at the story unfold.