Font Quiz


I’m still getting the hang of recognizing fonts, and working with them. I found this quiz that tests whether you can spot the differences between Helvetica and the more common Microsoft backed/computer popularized Arial. I was able to spot the differences but I wasn’t always sure which was which.

Fun and informative: The Helvarial Quiz

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That others grasp what I have in mind seems unessential, at least as long as they have something else in theirs.

— Alexander Calder

Last Meadow- Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People


At first I was surprised by the very formal and literally very colorful exploration. James Dean? Crisp and minimal. Is this really Miguel? If there was any doubt in the beginning by half-way we are in familiar territory laughing along. A threesome follows, and the biggest 3 person party/rave I have ever seen. Extreme catharsis followed by a return to darkness, restraint, structure and even 3 body doubles.

The whole thing seemed extremely theatrical, what with the scripts, repetition, and performance within a performance. I particularly loved the parts where the movements were meticulously narrated. A glimpse into the dancers/performers brain?

Obviously he is doing something right, tonight it was sold out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the remaining two nights were also.

Sep 15 – 19
Dance Theater Workshop
New York, NY

how ’bout a video? (scroll to the bottom)

Funny Misshapen Body


Jeffrey Brown’s latest? graphic novel/book is more of the same great stuff I think he is known for. Quirky, short, funny, sad, bittersweet, sometimes self-deprecating, genuine, snippets of everyday life.

This one has more of a biographical arc than previous books, you get to see some more childhood glimpses and a lot more backstory from his art school days. You even get to see how clumsy came about.

I love his drawing style and I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Herb and Dorothy


I finally went to see this little film. What a charming documentary it is! You really get to know the famous Vogels from this film. You get to see a lot of new york, old new york. You get to see a lot of art and artist interviews. But mostly you get to see two people living it up in the art world, and being important and integral parts of it, despite living off of the salaries of a post office worker and a librarian.

I think this movie had the perfect blend of nyc, art, artists, eccentricity, and old people. Even though sometimes I get a little sad when I see really old people, these two are true new yorkers and nothing is gonna stop them!

I fully recommend this for art lovers or documentary fans. This one is really great on both counts.

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I just wanted to find out where the boundaries were. I’ve found out there aren’t any. I wanted to be stopped but no one will stop me.

– Damien Hirst