Happy Anniversary!


SpongeBob SquarePants is celebrating 10 years of being on the air! Original pilot aired in the US on May 1, 1999 and the “official” series premiere followed on July 17, 1999. The show is translated into 25 languages and airs in 170 countries! Go SpongeBob!

Fine Art Parkour

Well, I was going to post about this website that has some really great “fine art” photos of parkour, but their website is so terrible (it’s in flash + has a bad interface + all of their photos have copyright written all over them so you can’t even enjoy them) that I’m not even going to dignify it with an actual post. no image no link no nothing. (via boingboing)


The title of this one page website might be a little bit deceiving, for me the focus is not really typography, and the execution is so simple some may take it as nothing at all, but it really is an experiment (I love those), a test of an idea with a surprisingly engaging outcome.

“While this may not be the most practical layout on earth, it does illustrate some ideas worth mentioning. By keeping areas of content hidden until they are needed it can make a website look much cleaner. It also makes extensive use of navigation within a page (instead of between pages). I think both of these ideas should be used a lot more in web design.” – Matthew James Taylor

Try it here and read the rest of the author’s thoughts here.

Public Enemies


wow. public enemies totally surprised me and exceeded my expectations. While not quite a film, this was truly a really really great movie with a very healthy dose of artistic flare. The camera work was amazing. The story really engaging, full of twists, suspense and an unexpected dose of love story. The director took his time setting up beautiful shots, and then wasn’t afraid to linger on them longer than usual allowing you to fully take in the 1930’s atmosphere. The clothes, the cars even the buildings all pulled you in to another time. Perhaps a little too much romance for most guys, but there were more than enough gangsters, tommy guns, and bullet holes riddling buildings, cars, and flesh to make up for it.