Over at the they have an awesome article about design and international signage, in particular a growing “battle” concerning the emergency exit sign and the two prominent and seemingly opposite design strategies (even in something as basic as color). The article is definitely worth a read, especially if you make sure to click through to all of the awesome examples it references.

This article is also part of a larger series on signage, that is also worth a thorough checking out.

Future of Magazines?

Is this really what the future of magazines looks like? More importantly, will people be willing to pay for a rich media magazine experience? What’s wrong with paper? Why do people gravitate towards bits and away from atoms? I love atoms.

Pictorial Webster’s

ooh another hand made book video! Documentation of a ten-year labor of love culminating in a beautiful hand-crafted leather-bound book. I just love the deliberate slowness that goes into making something by hand, it’s like mindful meditation.