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Someday I may move out of NYC so I like to collect things that exemplify it’s essence, the everyday bits that comprise the NYC experience,  the things you experience only if you live here, not if you just come by for a visit.

This is a slow motion video made by Vicente Sahuc using only the video capabilities of his Casio EX-F1, pretty nice result.

(via todayandtomorrow)

This Video is New York 2008
from Vicente Sahuc
on Vimeo.


Art to me is a humanitarian act, and I believe that there is a responsibility that art should somehow be able to affect mankind, to make the world a better place.

— Jeff Koons

That’s a lot of swearing

I’m not sure what to make of it, but I think there is something to it. “this is every single curse, from every single episode of the sopranos, ever.” If you like swearing and if you like the sopranos then this is the video for you, though I have never watched a single episode, so I guess I’m fascinated by the formal qualities of all the expletives. I think the sheer length of the video amazes me. (NSFW if you have speakers on, NSFChildren probably either)

Self Assembling and other Robots

This robot form the University of Pennsylvania is modular in it’s design and will reassemble itself if something happens to it (like being kicked apart by a graduate student. Robots have come a long way. These are some amazing examples of where we are today. But they are still a long way from a sack of smart sand or grey goo, nevertheless it is still amazing (and sometimes scary) to watch them do the things they can do.


Here are some other amazing robot feats:

want to make your own? hacknmod has the answer. using open source software and easily obtainable hardware you too can have your own self balancing robot.

someone even made a simpler version of the concept above that doesn’t use any microprocessors at all!

If you want something bigger, that can carry a man, and doesn’t mind if you try to kick the sh*t out of it then this is the one for you. Big Dog can give you big nightmares, just imagine that thing coming at you, armed! It is after all a DARPA funded project as many robot projects are.

want more robots? check out the best of 2008