Yinka Shonibare


I was reminded of Yinka Shonibare recently, while watching a preview for the latest season of Art: 21, a fantastic PBS documentary series. (the video is posted below, for your viewing pleasure.)

I was aware of Shonibare’s work before, and seen it in person, but this video in a few short seconds, gave me new insights into his work and allowed me to appreciate it more fully. I think it’s because I wasn’t aware of his photographs or video work before, and now suddenly it all came together as a whole. I really enjoy how the installations are so performative, and the photography and video work even more so, almost hyper-real, super-performative.


I also appreciate that he is tackling issues of race, but not in dumbed down black and white (literally or figuratively), but with work that is nuanced, multi-dimensional, and asks us to explore and question (concepts like “african fabric”), instead of scolding us or telling us how to feel, usually guilty or proud depending on the color of our skin. “My figures are neither white nor black, […] it’s a device that manages to make the pieces post-racial,” he says.
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I really enjoyed Gary Hustwit’s Documentary Helvetica, even though I am somewhat of a typographical noob, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out he has another film coming out. Based on the preview it looks like it will be, not only very beautiful to look at, but also cover the subject matter of why beautiful and functional design matters. It seems there will be a lot of close-ups of creative minds at work and explaining themselves. Very engaging and close to my heart. visit the official film website.

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Hemlock 82


I’m usually not interested in prints, but this one is so beautiful and works on so many levels for me, I had to post it. I love its direct connection to nature, its one-to-one relationship with the original, and its hand made nature. It’s so gloriously simple an idea and execution, yet it’s meticulous in its creation. I only wish I could afford the $4000 price tag. This Bryan Nash Gill original is available at the fantastic ashes & milk store.

Simpsons Stamps


Getting pretty excited about these new Simpsons stamps coming out in May! You can pre-order now, there is even a fancy “Framed Art” version (pictured above), and you can vote for your favorite Simpsons character too! I guess occasionally some (semi-private) government agencies can get it right!

Art Babble

art babble logo

Art Babble is a new website that is like a youtube but for art. I don’t think it allows any user generated content, it’s art related so it is heavily curated but the quality seems really high right now. Already I’ve found more than few videos I have never seen and was interested in. Additionally, the suggested content section alongside each video is really great and unbiased (links out to other websites).

They also seem pretty well focused on the social aspects, commenting, facebook, etc. I do wish they had a twitter account I could follow. It’s hard to compete with youtube, and there have been other attempts at curated content, but I’m very excited about this, so I hope it takes off! check it out.


The thing that makes a creative person is to be creative and that is all there is to it.

— Edward Albee

Oz Collective


I don’t know much about the Oz Collective I just came across this image and it struck me. I love the shape of the sculpture, their ability to use dramatic lighting and the title is hard to beat : Abri N°177.

  1. oz collective website
  2. a lot of umbrella artwork