The Unfinished Swan

Came across this very interesting “blank” video game. I will have to play it to truly judge it gameness – fun, engaging, and interactive quotient – but as a concept it certainly looks very interesting. I like how it deconstructs the usual elements needed for a video game. It’s very minimal and visually engaging. (via — so many places it’s hard to know — let’s say swissmiss)

Quartet for the End of Time

Perhaps it was said best by the New york times – “more exciting than watching paint dry, but not by a wide margin.”  Very very juvenile, underdeveloped, and boring.  Not somber, cohesive, able to convey a shred of meaning.  Maybe I just didn’t get it. But art is about communicating your ideas, and a lot of the audience was audibly groaning and/or leaving, so they weren’t even in a position to receive anything after sitting in the dark watching blurry photos in a slideshow.

Trajal Harrell
Dance Theater Workshop
October 16 2008


The thing I hate the most about advertising is that it attracts all the bright, creative and ambitious young people, leaving us mainly with the slow and self-obsessed to become our artists. Modern art is a disaster area. Never in the field of human history has so much been used by so many to say so little.

— Banksy

“It’s Not Information Overload. It’s Filter Failure…”

Clay Shirky is one of the smartest people thinking about and explaining the social effects of the interenet out there. Check out this video from the Web 2.0 Expo NY. Also if you haven’t already you should definately get his book Here Comes Everybody and read it cover to cover, it will explain all of those questions and thought bubbles that pop into year head as you traverse the internet landscape.


Anger Nation Radiohole
Anger Nation Radiohole

Went to see Radiohole’s Anger/Nation at the Kitchen on Friday (9/19/2008). Interesting. My favorite part was the part “after” the show. Though I can’t shake the feeling I’ve seen that before, oh yes… Snow White perhaps?