Peter Campus


Hey this guy stole my idea! Actually he made his interactive video installation, titled Interface in 1972, much more simply and without a single line of code. I’m very fond of his work, and I’ve seen a few of his regular non-interactive video pieces*, which are quite interesting and engaging to watch. Peter Campus is a master of his craft and he was a pioneer of video art. I had no idea, however that he had made any interactive pieces, would love to see one in person.

description and video of “Interface”
– above photo from tate online article on symmetry
– *Three Transistions (1973) available on youTube.


wow. somewhat of a sublime experience reading this little gem. really great but also unhinges you a little.

I can’t believe I’ve never hear the story of Kaspar Hauser before. (I highly recommend you read this story first, before you look him up on the internets.) do yourself a favor go read this book, it will only take a little while and it’s worth it. thanks diane obomsawin!