Yay (go theater!)

My first true cross reference post. I was reading three minds at organic and I was once again excited to see someone put into words the connection I’ve always inherently felt between my background in theater and my deep interest in the web.

According to them “User Experience Design Is About Creating Good Theatre.” Yes! Totally. Good Storytelling. Surprises. Taking the audience on a journey. Directing their attention, even interaction, are all inherent in good theater and user experience on the web. I’ve always felt my experience in creating compelling theater can be put to good use on the web.

It helps of course that three-minds cites one of my favorite theater collectives in Chicago, the Neo-Futurists. Going to see one of their shows never fails to both explode and cement in your mind what a great theater experience can and should be, especially if you see T.M.L.M.T.B.G.B.*

To see the full list of what theater tricks you can use on the web, read the Neo-Futurists Founding Director Greg Allen’s 25 Rules for Creating Good Theater.

(via threeminds)

*T.M.L.M.T.B.G.B. = Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind