outliersWhile reading Malcom Gladwell’s latest book I couldn’t really figure out why it is so controversial. Everything he said made a lot of sense to me. Perhaps he is just really good at laying our his arguments, he is a convincing writer, all the while expounding theories that fly in the face of the ideals that the United States is mostly built on, like The Myth of the Self Made man.

I think, just as he does, that it is important to acknowledge chance and good luck and unusual opportunities in people’s success stories. That way we can assure more success for more people by bringing those extra opportunities to everyone. I do wish he would have touched on some theories that maybe counter what he is saying, that is usually what a good thesis does.

Also, if I ever disliked flying, I am even more weary, having an even more first-hand account of all the things that can go wrong in the cockpit. I never thought “cultural legacy” was something I would have to add to that list. Gladwell devotes a whole chapter to this subject.