Google Wave


Google has a new product coming out soon, it’s called wave. Generaly I am almost a luddite when it comes to adopting new technology. I never trust it will actually make my life easier, instead of complicating it further. And how often does something come out and actually do what it advertises?

Somehow wave seems like it might be a game changer. (there is a reason i put this under the tech category and not just web.) Despite the somewhat stilted and halting demo, this is no steve jobs presentation, I do have high hopes for this.

what does wave do? Well, in short, it combines e-mail and chat into one tool, throw in gmail style threading and near instant sharing, collaboration and replication of a conversation across many platforms. All in my browser without downloading any additional tools or software*. I’m definitley intrigued. If you have an hour you should watch the video.

watch the wave demo video

* google gears is needed for the photo sharing drag and drop to work. but google hopes/predicts this functionality will be baked-in in future browsers.