Antony Gormley

These sculptures are so amazing to me. I love large scale installations, especially ones that are minimal as well as pieces that deal with the human body and it’s relationship to the space it is in. His sculptures embody all of this. His pieces are very diverse but there is a central theme tying them together. I think he is master artist. I’m not sure that I’ve seen his work in person before, but I sure will be on the look out for it from now on.

I can’t get enough. Check out his website, to view the extensive amount of work he has made.

Also, announced today, starting in march 2010 he will be exhibiting 31 sculptures cast from his own nude body all over Madison Square Park and surrounding buildings in New York City.

UPDATE (3/29/10):

The New York City sculptures are finally here! And there is a very nice write-up in the nytimes too.

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