A filmmaker, a queen and some dudes.

Broken Embraces

Not as good as I expected, but as I read somewhere, even on his worst day Almodovar is better than 90% of what’s out there. I don’t think you will ever be able to fully anticipate how an Almodovar film will unfold, he is such a great story maker. And it was nice to see Penelope Cruz in her element.

The Young Victoria

Better than expected. I only went to fulfill my husbandly duties, but I was pleasantly surprised. I learned a lot of history, and even though at heart this movie is a romantic love story of the most severe kind, I still enjoyed myself and it even made want to go see more historical dramas. Note: not a lot of violence in this one. If you’re into a lot of beheadings and accurate battle scenes, you should skip this one.

The Hangover

Kind of terrible. It fulfilled what I dread about movies, in that almost all of the funny scenes I had already seen while watching the 30 second preview. A smidge more highbrow fratboy humor with a tinge of hipster thrown in? I dunno, just skip it.

notes to self:

  1. Sadly the Hangover not even as bad as Four Christmases. I saw it? Don’t ask.
  2. Curious to see what that guy they now refer to in previews for other movies as “that guy from the hangover” comes up with next. (?) he was the movie’s only saving grace. (galifianakis)