Leadership and the New Science

What a crazy book – first off, it’s technically a business book, at least that’s where it would be in the bookstore. But it’s full of a lot of hippy-dippy-trippy, lovey dubby, one with the universe type shit. On top of that, all of this crazy sounding stuff is fully backed up with extensive quotes and references from the leading scientific research and thinking of the day. I guess the craziest part is that all of this comes together to make a very inspiring and quite interesting read.

A lot of the science in the book, that she refers to as outlandish, earth-shattering stuff, which I guess it was back in the day when this book was first written, I was already very familiar with and have always been fascinated with. Things like fractals, relativity, self organizing systems, chaos theory, uncertainty, quantum physics, etc. However, I’ve never thought of applying these amazing scientific discoveries to my everyday life, in a new-ageish, self-helpish, redefining leadership, changing my outlook kind of way. That’s where this book shines and is, really, quite eye opening.