Some books

william zinsser writing well

On Writing Well

Oddly enough this got added to my reading list, because a developer/programmer recommended it. I’m surprised it was never required reading in any of my classes. It seems like a must read for any of us, seeing how we’re always communicating using the written word, and any one of us can be blogger or twitterer. We’re always writing but are we any good at it? The book is focused on writing books, but can apply to anything if you just follow his simple rules. Which can be boiled down to – edit, rewrite, rewrite. My favorite part was a re-print of an early version of the very chapter in the book I was reading, complete with all of his edits. This guy (William Zinsser) shows his work!

jennifer egan visit form goon squad

A Visit from the Goon Squad

Not sure what to think of this. Especially the format is a little hard to figure out. It reads like a collection fo short stories, with some of the characters intertwined. Don’t forget, Jennifer Egan also throws in a chapter in the form of a powerpoint presentation. I did enjoy her vision of the future, last chapter, which seems spot on and very likely to come true. Thought the picture it paints does not seem very pleasant, I’m sure the kids won’t mind it as they don’t in the book, just simply accept it as normal.

italo calvino invisible cities

Invisible Cities

Always wanted to read this, it’s been on my to read list for a while, people always recommend Italo Calvino, and this book in particular. I’m happy to check it off my list, but I’m not sure I loved it. A little too repetitive, but amazing to see all of the worlds he is able to conjure up. It was kind of like reading a painting.