Mayumi Terada



Beautiful, minimal, haunting photographs by Mayumi Terada that are actually not what the appear – they are mintature dollhouse sized diorama sculptures photographed. See all of her work at James Hyman Gallery.

Erwin Redl



I love things in the vein of “The Digital Made Real.” Erwin Redl, is an Austrian born Ohio based artist who pushes the lowly LED to amazing and beautiful extremes. Explore the full portfolio at his website.

Jeff Carter



Came across this this Chicago based artist’s work at an exhibition at the DPAM (DePaul Art Museum), please be sure to check out his portfolio, for some reason there are not a lot of images of his work which incidentally doesn’t photograph well, but in person they have a certain neat quality to them – certainly they are architectural and IKEA-y.

I did not realize but I’ve seen his work before, perhaps at the MCA or another exhibit at DPAM (second pic).

My little piece of Privacy


This project by Niklas Roy is from 2010, so I’m a little late to the party, but I just love the simplicity with which it elicits audience interaction. No need for a big red button or instructions. If you just give people enough of a hook they will interact of their own accord. We’re intelligent inquisitive beings, I love when interactive art plays into that. If you let your audience discover things on their own, their sense of wonder will be much increased.

View the video and more below
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